The real 8D methodology

That is a really amazing book. This methodology is used by 9 in 10 companies in automotive industry and even like this there was no reference guides available, until now.

In a very simple but detailed language, Chris Visser could explain the core of this methodology and get me in a higher level of understanding, even after years of experience teaching this. Mandatory reading for any Problem Solver or Quality Engineer in this world.

Gabriel Oliveira


Very good book, very well explained with lots of examples. I really loved the two exercises in the book, it helped me to check my knowledge and skills. I can recommend it to anyone who wants to understand 8D problem solving deeply.

Peter McAllister

8D easily explained

A book which is easy to read, full of comprehensive examples. A total overview of how to practice 8D. A recommendation!

Herman-Pieter van Berkel

In my professional working experience,

In my professional working experience, I have seen that 8D’s are often started in order to suggest a professional approach to solving issues. However, more often than not, the underlying analytical principles are not understood by the team, sense of urgency prevails and attention is lost as soon as a quick fix or temporary solution to an issue is found. This book effectively describes the value of the 8D method when applied in a structured way and clearly describes the principles behind. A great read!

Ir. Roland A. Tacken

Sharpen the Axe

What it does is explain to newcomers how to approach complex issues and break them down into smaller parts you can better oversee. It gives more control and thus less stress and escalations. For professionals it refreshes the how and why and gives a some good tips to sharpen the axe. The book was easy to read and works as a good reference book. Conclusion: job well done, I can recommend it.

R. Grünewald

Simple, easy to read overview of 8D

I just finished reading the book, and it is an easily understandable overview of the 8D process along with some important considerations. 8D is a highly effective, versatile, and generally accepted problem solving process for which this book is an outstanding reference.

William A. Levinson

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